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Days of Heaven Upon Earth

Devotional For

June 12

      "We would see Jesus" (John xii. 21).
      Glory to Him for all the things laid up for us in the days to come. Glory to Him for all the visions of service in the future; the opportunities of doing good that are far away as well as close at hand.
      Our Saviour was able to despise the cross for the joy that was before Him. Let us look up to Him, and rise up to Him till we get on high and are able to look out from the mount of vision over all the land of far distances. There shall not a single thing come to us in all the future in which we may not be able to see the King in His beauty.
      Let us be very sure that we do not see anything else. Our pupils will become impressed as they look at this vision, so that they will not be able to reflect anything else.
      My little child came to me once and said: "Papa, look at that golden sign across the street a good while; now look at that brick wall and tell me what you see." "Why, I see the golden sign on the brick wall." And he laughed merrily over it.
      So, if we look a long time upon Jesus we cannot look at anything else without seeing a reflection of Him. Everything which we behold will become a part of Him.

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