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Days of Heaven Upon Earth

Devotional For

June 21

      "God hath set some in the church ... helps" (I. Cor. xii. 28).
      In the apostle's lists of officers in the church the "helps" are mentioned before the "governments." By the ministry of prayer, by the ministry of giving, by the ministry of encouragement, by the shining face and mute pressure of the hand, and a little word of cheer, and by the countless ways in which we can help, or at least can keep from hindering, we can all find still the footprints of Aquila and Priscilla, if we want to follow them.
      It is a great grace to be able to rejoice in another's work and pour our lives, like affluent rivers, into great streams. But God knows whence every drop has come, and in the greater day of recompense many of the helps shall have the chief reward.
      Beloved, are you helping? Are you helping your pastor, your brother, your husband, your mother, your fellow-worker, and when the harvest comes shall he that soweth and he that reapeth rejoice together?
      You can help by holy prayer,
          Helpful love and joyful song,
      O, the burdens you may bear,
      O, the sorrows you may share,
      O, the crowns you yet may wear,
          If you help along.

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