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Our Daily Homily

Devotional For

May 13

      The man whom I shall choose, his rod shall bud. Num 17:5 (R. V.)
      There was deep significance in this method of indicating the man of God's choice. Too many have taken God's election as referring exclusively to their enjoyment of God's grace and their preservation to His heavenly kingdom. Here we are taught that one of its chief results will be, and must be - buds, blossoms, and fruit. "The rod of Aaron budded and bloomed, blossomed and bare ripe almonds." It would almost seem that spring, summer, and autumn; the promise, maturity, and fruit - were simultaneously present in that marvellous rod. So should it be in those who have been chosen in Christ to be holy.
      The bud of spring. - There is a perennial freshness in the true saint, He may be old in years, but his leaf is green with vernal tenderness, and there are the budding promises of richer and better things than he has yet attained. The youths faint, and are weary; but he renews his strength. The outward man decayeth, but the inward renews his youth like an eagle's.
      The blossom of early summer. - There is exquisite beauty in the blossom of orchard and garden. No painter has ever yet learned God's secret of mixing His colors. Such is the beauty of the character of the believer. Men say involuntarily, "How attractive, how beautiful!"
      The fruit of autumn. - That we should bear fruit is the end of Christ in our redemption and discipline. We can only do it in fellowship with Himself. He must bear it through us. "From Me is thy fruit found." "I have chosen you, that ye should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain."

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