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Our Daily Homily

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August 31

      So Saul died for his trespass. 1 Chron. x. 13
      IT is suggestive to ponder the threefold analysis of Saul's trespass as given here. He kept not the word of the Lord this probably refers to his failure to execute the sentence on Amalck; he asked counsel of one that had a familiar spirit this errand had taken him to Endor on the eve of the battle; he enquired not of the Lord this was conspicuously the case in his persecution of David.
      Do we sufficiently inquire of the Lord? We ask the advice of our friends and religious teachers; we sometimes use doubtful methods of ascertaining God's will, as allowing the Bible to drop open, or interpreting some coincidence in the way we secretly desire to follow; besides which there is an increasing tendency in society to use the crystal, to consult spiritualistic mediums, to employ palmistry. These latter, course, repeat the sin of Saul, in going to Endor; and the resort to them on the part of children of this world shows that the heart of man must have something exterior to itself for worship and trust; if it has Forsaken God, it will deal with the devil rather than drift on alone. But let us all cultivate more carefully the blessed habit of waiting on God. If we ask Him for guidance, He will be sure to impart it; only we must put aside all selfish and personal ends, desiring to know his will, with a single purpose, and an unalloyed determination to follow it at any cost.
      Christ has told us that willingness to do his will is the sure organ of spiritual knowledge. "He that wills to do his will, shall know." Be of good career, beloved: God hath chosen thee that thou shouldst know his will, and see that Just One, and shouIdst hear the voice of his mouth.

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