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Our Daily Homily

Devotional For

November 1

      There is none like that; give it me. 1 Samuel 21:9.
      What David said of the sword of Goliath we may say of Holy Scripture the sword of the Spirit "There is none like that."
      There is no book like the Bible for those convinced of sin. The Word of God assures the sinner of God's love in Christ, whilst it refuses to condone a single sin, or excuse one shortcoming. The Bible is as stern as conscience herself against sin, but as pitiful as the heart of God to the sinner. It, moreover, discloses the method by which the just God becomes the justifier of those who believe.
      There is no book like the Bible for the sorrowful. It tells of the Comforter; it reminds us that in all our sorrow God also is sad; it points to the perfect plan according to which God is working out our blessedness; it insists that all things are working together for good; it opens the vision of the blessed future, where all the griefs and tears of men shall be put away for ever.
      There is no book like the Bible for the dying. "Read to me," said Sir Walter Scott, on his dying bed, to his friend. "What shall l read?" "There is only one book for a dying man," was the answer; "read to me from the Bible." The Book which tells of the Lord, who died and rose again; of the mansions which He has gone to prepare; of the reunion of the saints; of the fountains of water of life is the only pillow on which the dying head can rest softly.
      In these days of debate and doubt there is no such evidence for the Divine authority of the Bible as that which accrues from its perpetual use, whether in our own life, or in the conviction of the ungodly.

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